How to increase followers on Instagram?

Hello friends, welcome to your blog. Friends, today we will give you very specific information about how to increase followers on your social media account Instagram.

More than 90 percent of people use Instagram in the world. Instagram is an example of social media, and it is more popular than Facebook and WhatsApp. You might have noticed that many people have millions of followers on Instagram. Most of the time we see this in the account of celebrities. You can also increase followers on your Instagram. There are many such apps and websides in the market, with the help of them you can increase your followers. But these are fake followers.
Even if we increased Instagram followers with the help of the app and webside, then it disappears automatically after some time. So in this blog, we will give you some tips to increase real followers.
By growing followers, you will also become very popular, along with good likes and comments on your Instagram post, photos, videos. And of Instagram. With the help of online bussiness we can earn a lot of money too.

Today we will tell you some tricks to boost Instagram followers. With the help of this you can also increase real Instagram followers on your Instagram account.

The Tricks that we are going to tell you. There is no special tool and no paid website. It is just the official tips of Instagram. With its help you can increase the followers of your Instagram.

History of Instagram: –
The Instagram app was launched on October 6, 2010. And the app added 25,000 users a day. Instagram was developed in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Systrom was working in marketing and began engineering at night to help him learn how to code. He created a prototype app of an idea he originally called Burbn, which allowed people to check in on their mobile web app.

Some important steps to help you to grow your Instagram account: –

Step: –

1) Optimize instagram account: –
To increase the followers of Instagram, this first step is very important. In this first step you have to optimize your Instagram account. Optimizing means you need to set the profile of your Instagram account properly. Put your bio. You should also add a link to your website, or youtube channel along with it. Because of that your profile will also look strong. This is called optimization.

2) Consistent Posting: –
Consistent posting is very important to increase followers on Instagram account. To increase Instagram followers, you must post at least one photo on Instagram account daily. You must also do time managment while posting. According to time managment If you post a photo from 8 am to 4 pm, then there is a possibility of more comments and more likes on that post, so consistent posting is very important.

3) Some top Instagram account management application for post schedule: –
● PromoRepublic
● HootSuit
● Social Pilot
● Buffer
● CoSchedule
You can also set your post time schedule using these software we mentioned.

4) Creative Hashtagging: –
The most important hashtag is on social media. One word in the hashtag works as a keyword. After posting the photo on the Instagram account, it is very important to give you the related tag of the photo below it. Because of the hashtag, your account and your Instagram post keeps on trending. It helps to increase your followers. This is a very special way to increase followers.
You must always remember one thing while adding the hashtag. It is necessary to enter the post related hashtag. Due to the meaningless hashtag, there will be no effect on your post. Put at least 7 or 8 hashtags on the post.

5) Like & Comment:

The more you like photos from your Instagram account, the more your active performace increases. By liking the other person also sees your account and also follows you.

6) Local Location: –
Local location is very important. When posting photos all the time, it is also very important to put a local location on the post. Due to the local location, Instagram sends your photo to the local location, due to which more likes are received on your post. Followers also start growing.

7) Trend & Viral:

If you want to grow your Instagram followers quickly, then like comments on posts or topics that are trending or viral. When you like comments on trending subject posts, then there are chances of your Instagram followers growing.

Post Stories & Do Instagram Live:

You all will know this Instagram feature. With the help of the story we can insert any photo, post, or any video of 15 sec. Due to the story you will be able to see the updates of your followers. It is also necessary to enter a hashtag and local location while posting a story. This also increases Instagram followers.

Friends, we hope that all the information we have given you is very like, then like it and share it to your friends. If you have any question or suggestion related to the post, then you must tell us in the comment box.

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