How to make PAN card

Hello friends, today we will give you all the information related to PAN card in this post. This information is very beneficial for you. In this post of Primehindi we will show you how to make your PANCARD, how to download your PANCARD and how to correct the wrong PANCARD. Will give you all the related information.

Pancard equivalent to Aadhaar card is also called identity card. PANCARD is our Permanent Account Number. PANCARD has become very essential in the documents required to be used. PANCARD is used in government offices, or any private company. .The identity card of the person is also like this. PANCARD is used.

Full form of PAN CARD: –
The full form of the PAN card is the permanant account number. Pancard gives every person a unique account number. This number is of 10 digits. This number is provided to you through the income tax department.

Meaning of Pancard: –
PANCARD This is one of our identity cards. On the card, you will see that your name, your father’s full name and your date of birth, signature, along with a barcode on the PAN card, along with some words in the capital and Pancard number is made by adding some digits. The PAN card is issued to you by the Income Tax Department to any person, company, etc. Since 1 January 2005, the PAN card has been certified for any challan. All the process of the PAN card is done by the Central Board of Direct Tax (CBDT). She goes.
Pan is an electronic system. In which all the information related to all tax is recorded by single pan number of an individual company. Pancard is very much needed and required in the document.

Example of Account Number: –
FBRDMxxxxH is your 10 digit PAN card number in such a manner. This type is your account number.

Eligibility for making a Pancard: –

Pan Card is issued to all those non-resident Indians who pay tax and anyone who pays tax. PANCARD gives you a Permanent Account Number by income tax department, the same is also called PANCARD.

Documents required to make a pancard: –
To generate a PAN card, you need to have your identity card (Aadhaar Card / Bonafied), address proof (proof of address), school leaving certificate and 2 passport size photographs. is.

Types of PanCard: –

 ■ Individual
 ■ HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
 ■ Company
 ■ Firms / Partnership
 ■ TrustsSociety
 ■ Foreigners

Validity of Pancard: –
You all must have got the question in mind that, how many years it is valid / valid after making a pancard. So the pancard is valid / valid for a lifetime. It is never Invalid after release.

How much does it cost to make a Pan Card: –
The Pan Card application has to be paid as ₹ 110 fee, from which the process fee is ₹ 93 + 18% GST. Outside citizens of the country who want to get a Pan card, then the government charges fees of ₹ 1020 from them. In which the application fee is ₹ 93 + dispatch charges ₹ 771 + 18% GST. External citizens of India can easily get Pan card.

Enrol mode for Pan Card: –
You can also apply online and offline to get a PAN card.

Online mode: –
First of all you have to go to the website of NSDL and UTIITSL. You have to fill the PANCard form and submit the form by paying fees. After submitting your PANCARD will come to your postal address in a few days.

Offline mode: –
For this, you have to first take the application from the authorized center. That form has to be filled in well. After this, some important documents have to be attached to it. And you have to submit it with fees. After submitting, your PAN card will come to your postal address in a few days.

What is the structure of Pancard (Pancard): –
The size of the PAN card is like ATM and Aadhaar card. The PANCARD is your identity card. All your information is entered on the PANCARD. You will have your photo, your name and your father’s full name, along with your signature and on it. There is also a barcode. This PANCARD is given to you by income tax department. Along with that you also have a permanant account number. This number is of 10 digits. This 10 digit consists of many alphabetic words. It consists of 6 alphabate. And 4 numbers.

The use of Pan Card is said to be: –

This card is your identity card, so it is needed everywhere. All taxpayers in our India country use PANCARD to pay taxes. PANCARD is used everywhere. It is used in government and private places.

Documents to apply Pan: –
When creating a pancard you need some document.
1) Your address proof- Ration card, aadharcard
2) Proof of date of birth – scool bonafied, birth certificate
3) 2 passport size photographs
4) board certificate

How to get Pan Card and how to download: –
We can apply Pan Card online as well. If there is any correction in our pancard, then we can also do online request se correction.

How to apply PANCard online: –

step 1:-

On the site of NSDL you go to Google and the application form 49A of Pan Card is there.

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