How to Recharge Fastag? | FAStag Recharge in 2 Minute

Hello friends, today we will give you all the important information related to how to recharge Fastag through this blog .

In this digital age, we do all the work right from home today. We also recharge Fastag in a few minutes from our google pay, phone pay and paytm, so friends, today we will give you all the information related to how to recharge fastag of this blog. gives you.

Know the benefits of fastag recharge: –

1) Recharge of Fastag has become very beneficial as well as easy in today’s time. People who have Fastag Recharge often get the facility to take the vehicle to a separate lane, which has overcome the hassle of waiting in a long line. If you do not want to take advantage of a VIP facility by Recharge Fastag, then today we are going to give you all the information about how to Recharge Fastag.

2) You will know that Fastag Recharge is a system to do online Toll Collection. Meaning you do not need to stop at any Toll. Any charge that Toll will have from your bank account will be automatically deducted. Meaning it works like a prepaid recharge.

3) When the HFastag Recharge finishes, you will have to recharge again. Online transaction platforms like Paytm and Phone Pay allow you to recharge Fastag.

We are going to tell you how to recharge Fastag with Paytm. And along with this, what will be the benefits of Recharging Fastag.

Some steps to recharge fastag: –

step 1 :-
You go to Paytm and search Fastag Recharge and click on it.

Step 2: –
After that you have to select bank

Step 3: –
After selecting the bank, you will have to register your car number.

Step 4: –
After this you will have to recharge Fastag from Paytm. that
After that your Fastag Recharge will be ready for Toll.

Why Fastag Recharge is required: –
You do not have to wait for Toll in an hour long queue. By recharging Fastag, you get the benefit of a variety of offers. If you travel more then there is no need to stop for Toll every time. As well as the government
Has decided that Toll will be removed from the top of the road in the next 2 years. Meaning you don’t have to stop for Toll. Fastag Recharge will be mandatory for everyone in the coming time.

Documents Required for Fastag Registration: –
We will need the following documents while constructing the fastag.

1) Vehicle Registration Documents: – You must have both original and duplicate copies of all the documents of registration of your vehicle. Only after checking this you will be issued a fastag for your vehicle.

2) Documents for bank account information: – Fastag will be linked to your bank account, so that after reaching the toll point, Fastag will be tracked and money will be deducted from your account. So you may need a copy of documents like passbook for your bank account information.

3) ID: – Along with the identity of the vehicle, it is also necessary to have the identity of the driver, so the applicants have to keep the Aadhaar card or VoterID card as their ID.
4) Address Proof: – Apart from this, you should also have proof of your address, for this you can use copy of electricity or telephone bill as proof of your local address.

Fastag Recharge Charges and Fees: –

If you are the owner of the vehicle then you will not need to pay much Fees. And your Fastag Recharge will also be done easily. Whatever Charges you will have, you will have to give only once, there is no need to give it again and again.
Below you will find complete information about Fastag Recharge.
Tag Issuance Fee (One Time): Tag Issuance Fee: Rs .. 84.75 GST on Tag Issuance Fee: Rs. 15.25, total = Rs. 100

NPCI Vehicle Description Security Deposit & Threshold Amount

1) Car / Jeep / Van / Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle- security deposite 250 rs & Threshold Amount-150 rs

2) Light Commercial vehicle 2-axle -security deposite-99 rs & Threshold Amount 1 rs

3) Bus– 3 axle-deposite 99 rs & Threshold Amount-1 rs

4) Truck – 3 axle – security deposite-99 & Threshold Amount- 1 rs

5) Bus 2 axle / Mini bus, Truck 2 axle – deposite-99 rs & Threshold Amount -1 rs

6) Tractor / Tractor with trailer, Truck 4, 5 & 6 -axle -Deposite-99 rs & Threshold Amount -1 rs

7) Truck 7-axle and above -Deposite-99rs & Threshold Amount -1 rs

8) Heavy Construction Machinery-deposite-99 rs & Threshold Amount -1 rs

Fastag Recharge is a very easy and beneficial way for people.
Friends, Fastag recharge is very easy to do with Paytm. With this you can do online Fastag recharge in a few minutes using PhonePe, bank wallet.
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