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Hello friends, today we will work to reach you all the information on this subject through our blog Education (MBBS) of our . This information is very important for all students, who want to become doctors in the future.

Friends, every person and student has to progress in life. Education is very important to make progress. Every student has no desire. Someone has to become a doctor, someone has to be an engineer lawyer or something. And for this, you have to take the help of education.
Today we will give you all the information from MBBS degree in education sector in this blog. The criteria related to MBBS, donation, fees structure, top 10 colleges for MBBS, entrance exam required to do MBBS will give you all the related information through this blog.
MBBS This is a doctor’s degree. The time of this one is 4/6 years. After 4/6 years it is also very important to do 1 year internship program.

MBBS Full Form: –
MBBS This course has to be done after 12 th.
Everyone knows the word MBBS. But most people do not know its fullform. The fullform of MBBS is bachlor of medicine and bachlor of surgery. And in Hindi it is also called Medicine and Shayology. In our society, doctors are given the status of God. It takes 4 to 6 years to complete this course. Every student wishes that a doctor As such, they get respect and fame in the society. Along with this, the doctor also gets good salary, so most of the students think of doing MBBS.

Criteria of MBBS course: –
MBBS is a doctor degree. It also has different sub. To do MBBS course, you need to have at least 50 percent marks in 10 + 2 science stream. And reserved people must have 40 percent. This group of physics chemistry and biology is very important to qualify. This course is completed in about 5 or 6 years. Students must be 18 to 25 years of age to do this course.

Which subjects are compulsory to take MBBS course in 10 + 2th: –
To take MBBS course, you must pass 50% from 10 + 2 science stream.
1) Physics
2) chemistry
3) biology
It is very important to have 3 subjects.

How to study for MBBS Admission: –
You will have to study a lot to get addmission to MBBS course. The more easily you study in 11 th and 12 th standard, the more easily you will get addmission to MBBS. Along with that you must study entrance exam. Physics, chemistry and biology subject should be studied regularly. Along with that you will also get benefit in NEET exam. By doing regular studies you can easily get addmission to MBBS course.

What can an MBBS course with Arts Commerce faculty do: –
Absolutely not, only students with science stream can do this course. Biology, physics, chemistry are required to be this subject. MBBS This course is of science stream, so students of other arts and commerce cannot do this course.

Entrance exams of MBBS course: –
After 12 th, it is very important to give entrance exam for which course too. Every course entrance exam is different. In our country, NEET deals with all the work of MBBS entrance exam. To do MBBS you have to give JIMPER, AFMC and AIIMS in entrance exam and also have to qualify. If you give entrance exam nhi then you will not get addmission also. .

What is the merit of Entrance Exam: –
To do MBBS course you are required to give NEET this entrance exam. In this entrance exam, you need to have 670 to 690 marks NEET exam me to get in the top list. And the second rank is 450-500. They are very The MBBS course gets addmission easily.

MBBS Course Duration: –
To do MBBS course, you have a duration of 4 to 6 years. In it you also have to do 1 year internship program.

Minimum age for pursuing MBBS course: –
You must be 18 years to 25 years to do MBBS course. The reserved candidate gets a special suit in age.

Fees of MBBS course: –
In this suffix we will give you information about the fees and fee structure of MBBS course. MBBS course is the most expensive in our India country. There are 2 options to do MBBS. This course can also be done in Goverment collage and Private college.
There is a lot of difference between fees of goverment college and private college. The fees of private collage are fixed by the central goverment.
Talking about goverment college, the year’s fees sirf is Rs 1390 and MBBS course fees in army medical college AMC is around 55500 rupees.
In our country, MBBS course in private college is very expensive. The fees of MBBS course in private college varies from 10 lakh to 12 lakh. Every year you will have to spend 10 or 12 lakh.
According to this, in 5 years you have to spend from 50 to 55 lakhs. You do not have to pay any fees for internship. Internship program is completely free.

Fees Structure of MBBS course in abroad: –
Students in our country who do not get addmission to MBBS course in our country. Those students go to abroad to do MBBS course. In our country, fees of private college are 50 to 55.

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