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Hello friends, today we will give you very important and necessary information related to online train tickets and IRCTC through this post. If you want to know about any question in Hindi, then you will get all the information in Hindi on our website.

Everybody uses buses, airplanes, bikes or trains to get from one place to another. Transport is very essential for migration. Today we will tell you the full form of IRCTC and all related information in our Primehindi blog.

Most of the people in our country travel by train. They must have heard the word IRCTC many times, but no one would know the full form of this. We will tell you in this blog the full form of the related words of IRCTC, PNR, these rails. With the help of IRCTC, you can reserve the ticket for your journey in time.

You can apply for IRCTC application. You can also book your train ticket from home or can cancle in a few minutes. Despite that, many people give a ticket to the train. The agent gives money to the agent. The agent also takes advantage of this opportunity and sells you a ticket of 200 rupees for 500 rupees. Sometimes in the summer some agents will sell tickets. Increase the price by 5 times.

With this, if you study the competative exam, then what is the full form of IRCTC for you, what is the full form of PNR. It is very important to know. In this blog we will tell the general benefits of IRCTC to the general public.

IRCTC & PNR Full Form:
What is IRCTC full form? He is the first to know.
IRCTC Full Form: –
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
IRCTC It is a part of Indian Railways. What is IRCTC full form? They are the first to know.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

IRCTC is a part of Indian railway. Which handles catering, tourism and online ticketing system. IRCTC is the largest online ticket booking center. With its help, you can get your ticket made or cancle in a few minutes. Your resarvation with the help of IRCTC application. The work will be done in few minutes. At least 5,00,000 to 6,50,000 tickets are booked every day from IRCTC.
In the year 2019, IRCTC introduced this train Tejas express.

Information of IRCTC available on Playstore: –
You can also download the app of IRCTC in your mobile phone. For that you have to go to the Play Store. In the search box, write IRCTC and do a search. Then select the result that came down. After that download and install it in the mobile. This app of IRCTC on Play Store has 4.1 ratings, and at least more than 10,000,000+ people have downloaded IRCTC’s mobile app. This IRCTC’s website has more than 20 to 25 lakh traffic.

What is PNR full form: –
This is the full form of PNR Passenger Name Record. If you have traveled a long way in your train, then you must have checked PNR status. PNR is different for every person. PNR has information about the passengers of the train. With the help of PNR number, you can also get information about booking your tickets.
Whenever a person makes a ticket booking from the IRCTC app. The information is entered in CSR as data. A primary key is used to access that information. We also use PNR. It is said.

How to check PNR Status: –
If you have booked your ticket for your journey, we can also check the status of that ticket. Passenger Name Record contains all the passenger information so it is very easy to check.

There is a lot of app available on Play Store to check PNR Status. With the help of this website, we can also know all the information about the book ticket and the status of the train.

How to Book Instant Confirm Train Ticket: –
If you have to go out in emargency. At that time you cannot get tickets even by going to the station. But with the help of ICRTC, you can book a train ticket in a few minutes. It will also save your precious time. Reservation booking is very fast with both IRCTC’s mobile app and website.

Tatkal Ticket Booking: –
There is an advantage of instant ticket, that you get reservation for any train.
Suppose you have to book a ticket on 20 December, then Tatkal ticket counter at the originating station opens from 20 December 11:00 AM and if you are using the website or mobile IRCTC app, then for this you need Tatkal from 20 December 11:50 AM. The ticket counter opens.
Tatkal ticket price is slightly more expensive than regular ticket price.

Premium Tatkal Ticket Booking: –
It is similar to Tatkal ticket booking. If it is updated more than that, you can also make booking both offline and online. But its price is double of the regular ticket price and which is emergency. The person travels by booking a Premium Tatkal ticket.

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