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Hello friends, today we will give you all the information related to the signal app in this blog.

Signal app owner: – The name of the owner of the signal app is Brian Acton.
These two companies have created this software by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton. This software was launched in the year 2018.

Who made this signal app: –

This app has been created by both Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. One of which is this Non Profit company. This signal App was created with the help of Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer and currently CEO of Signal Messenger. brian acton left Whatsapp in 2017 and collected nearly $ 50 million to fund the Signal Foundation.

Get all the information related to the Signal App: –

Today we are going to know why the signal app is becoming very popular. What will be its effect on WhatsApp with the arrival of the signal app. So let’s start. WhatsApp has just released their new policy. According to that policy, you have to accept the WhatsApp policy. And whoever does not accept this policy of WhatsApp, then that user’s WhatsApp automatic will stop. And according to this policy, WhatsApp will give your personal information to Facebook.

You will also share your location as well. This means that there is a great threat to the personal information of the users. This is the reason why many people have started downloading the WhatsApp Chod Signal App. And because of this Signal App’s server was shut down. Meaning a lot of logs will apply.

What is the tagline of Signal app: –

Signal app’s tagline is Say Hello to Privacy. This means that on this you get good privacy of your data.

How to download signal app on playstore: –
First of all you have to go to the play store. After that, search the signal app on the play store. And after searching, download it, and then install it. This is a very easy way.

Rating of signal app on play store: –

After the privacy of WhatsApp was leaked, a lot of people are using the signal app. The Signal app has 4.5 ratings and revives on the Play Store. This app is built by signal foundation.

Is the Signal app safe?

Yes, of course this application is safe and secure. This application is many times better than whatsapp. Compared to WhatsApp, this software has more security system.

Signal app group: –

In Signal application, no one can join the group except your permission. At least 150 people are added to the group of signal application. These signal groups are also very secure.

Signal app created band of whatsapp: –
Now users do not like whatsapp’s new privacy policy at all. In such a situation, whatsapp users are going towards other apps. As an alternative to whatsapp, people are liking the Signal app very much. And in the last few days, a lot of people have downloaded the Signal app. Due to the sudden load, the Signal app’s server was down. Was. This information was given to everyone via Twitter by tweeting by the signal app’s ceo.

Signal app is better than whatsapp: –

1) Your data is safe on the signal app.

2) It is the most secure messaging application.

3) All the data of the signal app is saved on your mobile.

4) Older messages are automatically deleted in this application.

5) If someone creates a group in this, then no one can add you to the group except your permission.

The feature that is available in the Signal app, you will not find in WhatsApp: –

1) security pin setup

2) Group joining notification alert.

3) On / off typing feature.

4) Disappearing Message Feature

5) hide read recipt button

Is the signal app better than Telegram: –
After WhatsApp has created a new privacy policy, everyone is disliking whataapp. If you do not make changes, then the users will use the signal app by bycoting to the fixed WhatsApp.

After the new privacy of Whastapp, a very good policy is coming out to attract both Telegram and Signal app users.

How to use the Signal app: –
It is exactly like whatsapp. When you want to send a message to someone, then you have to click on its mobile number. After this, the way of Chatting in Whatsapp opens in front of you. Similarly, there will also be Show. Now from here you can send message to your friends very easily. If you know how to run whatsapp, you will run this application very easily.

How to earn money with the help of Signal app: –

1) Affilate marketing: – You can earn money by selling online products on it.

2) Paid pramotion: – You can earn a lot of money by promoting a page or product on it.

3) Reffaral Program: – By referring this application, you can earn a lot of money. You need to share this with your friends.

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