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Friends, the world is making rapid progress in mobile technology today. Nowadays, every small or big person has one or more mobiles. We use mobile in daily life for surfing the net, gaming and talking to each other. In such a situation, you often have to talk to another person for some important work, but there is no network in the mobile or you are busy on other calls. So you need to divert the call.
But do you know why Call Divert is done and what is the correct use of it? If not, today in this article we are going to tell you what is Call Divert and when and where it is used. So let’s get started.
What is call divert or call forward?
Which you can send any number of calls to another number. This is called call divert or call forward. Both mean the same. Its most important thing is that this feature is in every phone. The work of call divert and call forward is the same.

What is Call Divert or Call Forwarding?
Actually Call Divert and Call Forwarding are the same. Call Divert means that you can send the incoming calls on your mobile phone to another mobile number. Most call divert is done by people who do not have a network in their mobile and who keep getting very important calls.
Call divert can have a lot of benefits from you. If you want to divert the call, you can follow the steps given below.

Use of call divert: –

  1. With the help of this, the phone can be used to become more busy, so that the person making the call is talked to someone else so that he gets timely notifications, it is used to talk to the customer in most big companies.
  2. If your phone is not in contact due to several reasons, in such a situation you can use Call Forword.

How to call divert: –
In this suffix, we have given some steps to divert calls. You can also divert calls by following this step.

Step 1: First of all open the call settings in mobile
Step 2: After that you have to click on the More Settings option. In it, you will find an option such as Call Divert or Call Forwarding, click on it.
Step 3: After that you have to click on Voice Call. Now you will see 4 options. From that, click on the Always Forward option. And the number where you call forwarding all calls, put that number at that place. And your Call Divert option will start.

If there is any urgent work on our phone or any phone comes while downloading the Internet, then it is the most troublesome. This is because any call stops the downloading and sometimes it starts from start.
How to divert call using USD code: –
Codes: –

1) ** 21 *: – You have to dial ** 21 * on your dial pad and enter your phone or mobile number which is closed. After that, put #. By doing this, calls coming to your number will be diverted to the closed number.

2) ## 02 #: – Using this code, you have closed the calls on your phone. You will need to dial this code to fix it back. By doing this, all the closed calls service on the phone will be corrected as before.

How to turn off Call Divert option: –
If you have to turn off Call Divert, then you have to follow the same steps which were used to activate your Call Divert. All you have to do is delete the number entered. And save settings. In this way you can turn off the option of Call Divert.

Know what is Call Waiting: –
Many people do not know what is Call Waiting but it is a very useful feature. Its job is that if you are talking to someone and in the middle of that conversation someone else is calling you, then they are told to be Busy. But if Call Waiting starts in your phone, then your phone will not be busy, a message will come on the caller’s phone and in your phone you will also see that someone is calling you, if you want, you can pick up the call in the middle and You can also chop.
But if you have Call Waiting Off on your mobile phone and someone is getting the necessary call, then your phone will keep coming again and again and neither will you have any message so that you can know that someone is calling you.
That’s why you should always start Call Waiting of your mobile phone. Because you do not miss any important call, so that you have any problem. In this way, you can use the Call Waiting option.

Advantages of Call Waiting: –
1) Activating call waiting will not miss any of your importanat calls. Because by activating call waiting, if we are busy talking with any other person then we will get notification of our imporatant call.

2) If someone’s call comes in between while talking, then we can also pick it up in the middle. And we can also call him later.

3) After the call waiting activation, the name of the person making the call appears on your mobile screen. It shows us how important the call is.

We can also activate call waiting by using USSD code in our phone.

How to activate Call waiting: –
step 1:-
First of all you need your MOBA

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