Know what is ekosh online portal?

Hello friends today, in this post we will give you what is ekosh online portal and will give you all the important information related to it.

Everyone will have the first question that, what is this ekosh online portal, its usage is said, in which what facilities are there, so do not think more today we will give you all the information related to ekosh in this blog of Primehindi. Will give information in detail.

What is ekosh online portal: –
ekosh This is an online entry into a personnel estate, in ekosh online portal, all the information of all government servants, employees and teachers is kept in the online format in ekosh online portal. It is a website. On this side, photos of employees, education details, Bank account details, nominee details and other documents are such types of information on that side.

ekosh online portal is designed for whom: –
ekosh online portal This side is made only for government officers, government employees and teachers. On this side all the information of government employees is uploaded.

How to login into ekosh online portal: –
The state government has created ekosh online portal specially for teachers and all government employees. In it, many types of information of employees are uploaded, in which they have information about their salary, education details, family details, photos.
ekosh is an online portal. Every government employee is required to register on this portal. After that they get a unique id and password to login on this side. So now we know how to login on ekosh online portal do.

Some easy steps to login to Ekosh online portal: –

step 1:-
First of all go to Google and put ekosh online in the search box and click on the first link that comes after the search. And click on this official website.

Step 2: –
After clicking on that official website, you will see the main page of ekosh online portal. On that page you have to click on the employee corner on the left side.

Step 3: –
After selecting Employee Corner, the Employee Login page will open on your screen. On that you put your 11 number of employee id and password. After that enter the captcha code with caution. And login the account. After login, all your information will come in front of you. In it, you will get all the information related to your photos, personal details, salary.

Login id and password information: –
We told you above that you have to enter your employee id and password in the employee login page. If there is a question in everyone’s mind, what should be the employee id and where will you get it from.

Employee id and password: –

Employee id: –
The employee id on ekosh online portal is 11 digits. You get this id after Meridian. These id are seven digit DDO codes of fire.
Password: –
In the Login page you have to enter the password after the employee id. This password is associated with your employee id from your date of birth.
Examples :-
Suppose your employee id is 22132667090 and your date of birth is 4 November 1992, then your password will be written as 2213266709004111992. In the password, your employee id is linked to the birthday date.

What you can do after login ekosh. You can see the information: –
After logging into Ekosh online portal, you will see all your information on that portal. In it, you will get your personal details, educational details, passport size photos, apart from this, Employee all Detail on the portal, Pay Slip GPF / DPF / CPF Schedule. Will be able to see

Employee all detail: –
After login, you will get personal information in employee detail, our contact number, bank account related information, heir information, such type of information you will see in employee detail.

Pay slip related information: –
You can also download the sleep of your payment by clicking on Pay slip. Also you can withdraw your sleep for that month, no matter what.

GPF / DPF / CPF Schedule: –
It gives you all your GPF, DPF, CPF information. Along with that, how much of the year you have received. We get all its information. It is like a report. You can also download this report. Also you can see all the information related to your pension here.
Step: –
Get report —— here to download your report

The app is also available on the play store: –
You can download the app named ekoshlite from the play store. After that install it. And login on it, you can see all the information on it as well. On this side you can also find all the information about your pension.

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