Know what is light house pariyojna.

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The Government of India has made a lot of plans for its people this year. But we do not know much about some such schemes. Because of that we are not able to take advantage of them. We have all the information about the light house pari scheme in our blog today. We will give you in detail. Also, stay connected with our website to know the upcoming plans. The Prime Minister of our country has created many schemes for farmers and poor people.

Purpose of Light House pari yojna: –
The purpose of Light house pari yojna is to provide houses to the poor people at affordable rates in the cities. PM Modi’s resolve is that by 2022 every poor should have their own house. This is the main objective. At the same time, the light house project has been selected in only 6 states. In those states, more than one thousand houses will be built in each place. In this project, roads and houses will be constructed, so this project is very beneficial for the poor.

What is Light House pariyojna: –
This light house pariyojna is in only 6 states. Apart from Mr. Singh Puri, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development of our country, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand are also included in this scheme.
This light house pariyojna is in only 6 states. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has taken into account the urban weaker sections and poor people in six states of India, Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Rajkot in Gujarat, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, Ranchi in Jharkhand, Tripura. The light house project in Agartala and Lucknow cities of Uttar Pradesh has chosen to build a house with the help of light house pariyojna.

Everyone should have their own house: –
Prime Minister Narendra Modiji has designed this light house pariyojna scheme just for the poor. The main objective of this scheme is to get every poor person a home. Our Prime Minister’s resolve is that by 2022 every poor should have their own house. . Only 6 states have been included in this scheme. More than 1000 houses will be built for the poor at this place. The work of this scheme is to fix roads and build strong houses. The houses constructed with the help of the scheme are earthquake resistant. .

How will the houses constructed by Light house pariyojnaa be: –
Light house project In this scheme, beam-columns and panels are brought from the factory to the place of construction of the house, it will already be readymade material. Its advantage will be that the time and cost of construction of the house is reduced. Therefore, the expenditure on the project is very low. The houses and houses built by this scheme will be completely earthquake resistant.

What will be the area of ​​the house: –

Under this scheme, the entire carpet area will be in 34.50 square meters. For this, 14 floor towers will be built. Altogether 1,040 flats will be built. The area of ​​each flat will be 415 square feet. According to external information, the houses will cost Rs 13 lakh. In which Rs. 7.83 lakhs will be given as a grant from the Central Government and the State Government. And the remaining 4.76 lakh rupees will have to be paid on installment to the beneficiaries. The allotment of the flats will be done according to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) light house project.

Till when will this house be built?
By using modern technology, the construction work will be completed in about a year or a dead year. The house will be more durable and stronger with the use of new and modern technology items. It will also be earthquake resistant. In 2017, the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry asked states and union territories to select 6 cities from six states for the light house project by GHTC-India. The ministry had asked all the states and union territories to participate as a compitator in it. According to the survey, it was announced that the light house project will be started in the 6 states and Union Territories which get the highest marks.

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