Know what is PM Vani Yojana

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The direct meaning of PM WANI scheme: –
PM wani means Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface. Due to this scheme, the Prime Minister of our country has to provide internet facility from big city to small village. Through this PM WANI scheme, every part of the country and every citizen of the country will get the benefit of internet very easily. This facility will be free to PDO’s (Public Data Offices). They will not have to pay any fee for it.

This PM WANI scheme will soon provide high-speed Wi-Fi internet in every part of the country. They may have dense forested areas or small populated areas. Where there is no internet and where it is, it does not have speed. The government has approved the launch of millions of public Wi-Fi hotspots on Wednesday. This facility can be offered by anyone from landlord, grocery shopper to tea seller. And very easily.

What is PM WANI scheme?
The main objective of this scheme is that every citizen can get internet of wireless connectivity easily and in a good way. Meaning it is going to be a very cheap internet service.
Any customer will be allowed to use this network only after performing eKYC Authentication. With this plan all the work will be done online without any hindrance. This will help in creating a large network of public Wi-Fi services across the country, which will form employment share for the people. This Wi-Fi network service will be known as PM-Vani. It will be controlled through ISP (Internet Service Provider). Prime Minister Modi tweeted, “This scheme will provide wi-fi facility to small shopkeepers in our country.” This will give them good profits and a good internet service. This will help our Digital India campaign to become even stronger. “

Benefits of PM Wani Yojana: –
With the help of this scheme, a free Wifi connection will be provided in every Grampanchayat.
Employment and business will get boosted due to free wifi in Grampanchayat.
Under this scheme, special traders who are small traders will be able to sell their goods online easily.
This plan will also accelerate economic growth in the country.
In this scheme, CSC Center or any shop will be able to work.
There will be no tax or any charges on the PDO Center in this scheme.
Also, the common man and where there is already a shortage of internet, there will be a lot of good results from the PM WANI scheme.

How to apply PM Wani Yojana: –
Friends, if you want to apply in PM Vani Yojana, then you may have to wait a little longer for this. Because the government has just announced this plan. Currently, no official website is available on the Internet. If you will find any official website of PM WANI scheme, then it will be mandatory for you to register on it first. Philal No manifesto of this is available yet.

How to use PM WANI scheme: –
You only have to use the app (WANI) to be connected to the Internet of PM WANI scheme. You can connect to Wi-Fi only with the help of that app.
Registration will be required only once with any WiFi producer. Its payment can be done through a specially created wallet linked to the app.
Also, to use this internet, you will have to register first, which will give you access to it and you will be able to connect to the internet of this PM WANI scheme whenever you want. You have to download the Vani app in your mobile in advance.

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