Know what is the new policy of WhatsApp?

Hello friends, today we will give you information about a new update of whatsapp.

WhatsApp is a very large social media company in today’s watch. Which has more than 200 million users in the world. WhatsApp was bought by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in 2016. WhatsApp is a very popular company. WhatsApp, because of its simple and user friendly, everyone likes to run WhatsApp. On regular basis WhatsApp keeps bringing some new updates. But the recent update of WhatsApp has created a stir in the world of social media.

Before knowing the new policy of WhatsApp, be sure to know. Now your information on WhatsApp will no longer be private. If you accept the new policy of WhatsApp, then you can be at a huge disadvantage.

WhatsApp has given its holders only till 8 February 2021 to accept their new policy. After 8 February, those who did not accept the policy will stop their WhatsApp forever.

WhatsApp’s new policy is one in which your personal information is no longer private. WhatsApp can sell your information to a third party. Just then can you get caught in any bad place or can you cheat someone. Because, if you want to chat, you have to accept the condition of WhatsApp. Now your information on WhatsApp will no longer be private. If you have accepted the new policy of WhatsApp, then understand that you will have to bear the loss of it going forward. WhatsApp will also share your private details.

WhatsApp keeps bringing updated and new features for users. But, from Tuesday evening, WhatsApp has sent a new update to Indian WhatsApp users regarding its Terms and Privacy Policy. WhatsApp has given users until 8 February 2021 to accept the new policy. Till then, the policy will have to be cleared by the users or else the account will be automatically deleted.

WhatsApp users will have to follow the new policy to keep their WhatsApp account running. Apart from this, there is no other way for users. However, WhatsApp has given an option to people. This means that even if the new policy is not accepted for now, your account will continue to run. But after a few days your WhatsAp account will be closed.

What is in the new policy after all?

In the new policy, the aggregation of Facebook and Instagram is more and now they will have more data of users with Facebook than before. WhatsApp’s data was also being mixed with Facebook earlier. But, the company has made it clear that aggregation of WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook will be more. In the updated policy of WhatsApp, some things have been mentioned in the license being given to the company.

Now WhatsApp is your mobile number, Banking Transaction data, service-related information, how to interact with others, such information, mobile device information and IP address. WhatsApp Service and Data Processing Companies and companies of Facebbok can store WhatsApp chat in one place.

Will share information with other companies

WhatsApp has no option but to accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. Users could choose not to share information with other Facebook companies. The company has shared complete information about data sharing in some of its blogs. Facebook companies include companies like Facebook Payments, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Technologies, Onavo and Crowd Tangle.

There is also a lot of tension and misunderstanding among most people regarding the privacy policy on WhatsApp. News has been coming from all over the past week that WhatsApp will share your personal information with Facebook and Instagram. After the people’s protest, the company has now broken its silence. The company has clarified what information will not be taken.

WhatsApp has said in a statement that the app will not take data from users’ private messages. The company has made it clear that the data of private calls of common people will also not be taken.

Will not keep the logs of WhatsApp users
WhatsApp has told people that the logs of any user’s Calls or Messages are not retained by them. That is, it will not be monitored.

Users’ location will always be private
In the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, it has been said that WhatsApp will take the location of each user and share it with Facebook. But now the company has said in its statement that the data of any location of WhatsApp users will not be shared with Facebook.

Your contact list will not be shared with anyone.
The company has cleared one thing that all those contacts which are in your mobile will not be shared with Facebook. They will always be private.

WhatsApp Groups will always be private.
The company has clarified that the chats and information of your current groups in WhatsApp will remain personal. The company will not clash with the information of personal groups.

There are new rules for WhatsApp Business account
After the people’s protest, the company has made it clear that the new privacy policy is directly related to WhatsApp Business accounts. Some changes have been made in the new policy only to give a better environment to business accounts and to spread them. WhatsApp’s new rules should not be linked to private accounts.

What will be the other option when WhatsApp is closed?
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