Learn how to connect WiFi in Jio phone to Android phone in Hindi.

Hello friends today, we will give you this information related to jio mobile and how to connect its wifi through this post.

In Jio phone, how do we connect it to WiFi Android phone. Jio phone is a very cheap and good phone. Its price is around ₹ 1500. If you exchange your old phone then you can get this phone for ₹ 400 also. You get a lot of features in this phone, one of them is to connect WiFi. So let’s know about this.

• How to connect hotspot in Jio phone.

It is quite easy. You do not need to do much, just for this, you have to unlock your phone first, after that you will have to go to the settings of the phone. There you will get the option of WiFi. You have to go into it. After that you will get the option of on. It has to be started. After starting it, you will get the option of available networks there. You have to go into it. Once there, the phone will start automatic searching. There you will see the name of your Android phone, you will have to go into it. If the password is there, then it has to be entered, otherwise the connect button will have to be pressed. After that your Jio phone will be connected to WiFi.

• How to run a net in a Jio phone.

You do not need to do much to run the net in a Jio phone. Just you have to come to the main screen of your Jio phone, after that you only have to press the button that goes up on the phone keypad. After pressing, you will see a menu. You will see the option to turn on the net in it, you just have to turn it on. After starting, you can use whatever app is in the phone, such as YouTube or browser, which you need from it.
Remember that if you have a data balance then only you can use the net.

• How to connect Wi-Fi from one mobile to another.

For this, you will have to download an app from Jio store. His name is Jio switch. With this, you can connect one phone to another and share the data. This app is quite easy to use. This app shares files with the support of your WiFi. With this app you can share photos, videos and documents. This app does not use your net.

• Jio phone recharge plan.

You will get 2 options for recharging the Jio phone. First of that 1. All in one plan.
In it you will get 4 options. The first of them is ₹ 155. In this, you will get 24 days of Kalavadhi and 24 GB of data.
The second is ₹ 175. In this, you will get 24-day Kalavadhi and 58 GB data.
The third is ₹ 125. In this, you will get 24 days duration and 16 GB data.
The cheapest plan among all of these is 24 days of Kalavadhi and 3 GB of data for ₹ 75.

  • In all these plans, you will get free minutes of calling according to the plan. And Jio to Jio calling will be unlimited.

There is another option in this. You get ₹ 153
1.5 GB data will be available but calling balance will be less.

Let’s know some more special things about Jio phone. This phone runs only Jio tight SIM card. In Jio phones, the cheapest recharge plans are provided from the company of jio. You also get a selfie camera in the Jio phone. And the rear camera is also available. You cannot expect more from these two cameras.
The battery life of this phone is very good. This phone runs smoothly for 2 days.
In this, you find a store of Jio. From that you can download some games or apps. You also get flashlight in this phone. It will work for you at night. The display of this phone is also very big and the voice of the speaker is also very high. You also get 1 year warranty in this phone. You will only get a charger in the phone box. Earphones will not be available.

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