The company, who owns Airtel and belongs to which country.

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Airtel is an Indian telecom network operator company. Airtel is the number two largest telecom service provider operator in India. The service provider company is having a cut-out competition. This includes Jio.
Internet has become much cheaper in our country after Jio. Airtel users are very much in India. Because the network and internet speed of Airtel service provider company is also more than others. So, friends, we know the history of Airtel today.

What is Airtel: –

Airtel is a service provider company in India. Airtel is a service provider across the country of India. Airtel provides us voice calling, internet such service. Airtel offers us GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G + such service Provides. Bharti Airtel Limited It is the original name of Airtel company. This network company was born in Delhi on 7 July 1995. This company provides service in 103 cities of India. The number of users of Airtel increases every day. Has been

The owner of the airtel company: –
In this, we will give information about the owner of India’s number 1 service provider company. Airtel is a parent Indian company. This company was started by Delhi Sunil Bharti Mittal on 7 July 1995. Airtel is a telecom company. The company is owned by Bharti Enterprise and its founder is “Sunil Bharti Mittal”. He was born on 23 October 1975 in Punjab.
He started his business in April 1976, that too at 18 Omar. He had started this business from his father for which he had taken ₹ 20000. On 7 July 1995, Mittal ji founded Airtel in Delhi.

Establishment of Airtel: –
Airtel was founded on 7 July 1995. This service provider company is more than 25 years old. It was founded in the city of Delhi. Airtel’s Sunwat Sunil Bharti Mittal. Due to his hard work and Bussinessmind in 1 year only. He had made more than 20 lakh users.

How Airtel Company was started: –
This company was started by Sunil Bharti Mittal in the city of Delhi. In 1995, this company started serving. Earlier this company was provided service only in the city of Delhi. It started the business with only Rs. 20,000. In this company spread its franchise across the country. And in the year 2004, this company started its hellotune service. The users of this company are growing every day with greatness and dedication.

Airtel is the company of which country: –

Bharti Airtel Limited It is an Indian company. This company was born in the city of Delhi. Bharti Airtel serves as a service provider to 14 service countries including Sri Lanka, India and Africa with this service provider company. Airtel company is considered to be a very good and affordable service provider company. Apart from other companies, this company provides good internet service to its customer. Speed ​​provides. Bharti Airtel provides services in 103 cities in India.

Airtel Recharge Plan: –
We will tell you some recharge plans of Bharti Airtel company in this proposal. Local and international plans have also been included in this.
Airtel’s Truly Unlimited plan starts at ₹ 129. And up to ₹ 598. Smart Recharge plans range from ₹ 45 to ₹ 75. If you only need internet data, then you get ₹ 48 and ₹ 401 plan for special internet.
Talktime plans start at ₹ 10 and ₹ 5000. Airtel also offers you an international roaming plan starting from ₹ 496 to ₹ 6999.

Bharti Airtel (Airtel) Company’s 2020 profit: –

Airtel has made a profit of ₹ 8,75,390 crore in 2020. This company has always been making good profits. This company always has a name in the top 3. Along with that, this company is also listed in the stock market.

Bharti Airtel Stock Market Related: –
Bharti Airtel is an Indian network provider company. It has also issued its shares in the stock market. It is also listed on the stock market. The shares of this company are on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). In the stock market, the price of one share of Bharti Airtel company is Rs 510. The price of these shares is increasing very fast. Investing in Indian Airtel shares can be very beneficial for your future.

The webside of Bharti Airtel: –

Product related to Bharti Airtel (Airtel): –

1) Fixed line
2) telephone
3) Mobile phone
4) Broadband
5) Satellite television
6) Payment bank
7) Digital television
8) Internet television

Subsidiaries of Bharti Airtel Company:
1) Airtel India
2) Airtel Payments Bank Limited
3) airtel digital tv
4) airtel shri lanka
5) Airtel bangladesh
6) airtel africa
7) airtel vodafone
8) robi
9) wynk

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